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After the yacht meals during the Blue Journey, guests are guided under the guidance of our professional teams and various entertainment atmospheres are formed. If guests want a quiet environment, is also created. In the same way there are various romantic, natural and adventurous environments and sights during the day. These wonderful atmospheres, deck life, swimming moods, recreational moods, dining moods, water sports moods, extracurricular services, etc. are good for taking pictures and making video video for urine memories, our guests, if they wish, your short blue cruise videos  or blue cruise photos during their stay visualize the tour you can share with us in our website.

Please simply drop us a  call, and we will do our very best to accomodate your wishes and special requests.

Europa Yachting would be proud to offer you a safe and high quality vacation. Always at your service !!.

How to rent a yacht?

There are 4 different ways of renting a yacht:

1) Private yacht charter: Yacht staff is included in the price. Snorkling and fishing equipment are present and free of charge, other activities such as water skiing and jet skiing are not included. The staff is, without exeption, very professional, experienced and reliable and consists of, as a minimum, a captain, a cook and a sailor. The yachts we offer can be classified into 4 different categories: ‘Economy’, ‘Standard’, ‘Luxury’ and ‘de Luxe’ . Tour programs can be fixed but, upon demand, we can offer a route that suits the needs and the wishes of the customers.

2) Cabin charter: The standard yacht (typically a wooden traditional turkish gulet) is shared with other people. This a perfect way to meet and get to know people from around the globe, it’s a social event full of relaxation, sun and fun. Here too, the rental price includes a captain, a sailor and a cook. The routes and excursions are predefined, but there is some flexibility here as well.

3) Sailboat charter: Only the boat itself is rented. If crew is needed, we can of course take care of this. An appropriate marine license is mandatory. You can bring your own food and beverages.

4) Motoryacht charter: Designed to cover long distances in a short time at high cruising speed. Rental of these yachts includes the staff, fuel is excluded.

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e-mail: info@europayachting.com

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