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Blue Cruise Photos

After the yacht meals during the Blue Journey, guests are guided under the guidance of our professional teams and various entertainment atmospheres are formed. If guests want a quiet environment, is also created. In the same way there are various romantic, natural and adventurous environments and sights during the day. These wonderful atmospheres, deck life, swimming moods, recreational moods, dining moods, water sports moods, extracurricular services, etc. are good for taking pictures and making video video for urine memories, our guests, if they wish, your short blue cruise photos or blue travel videos during their stay visualize the tour you can share with us in our website.

Private yacht rental information:
As stated there are four different categories of yachts: Economy, Standard, Luxury and De Luxe, starting from 14 meters up to 40+ meters (Mega Yachts). Number of cabins range from 2 to 18. Each cabin has a shower and toilet and staff is included with a minimum of 3 according to the size and nature of the yacht.
Rental period is generally from Saturday to Saturday (7 days). Based upon availability shorter periods are negotiable. Number of passengers can never exceed the maximum capacity of the yacht. Please note that the number of passengers for trips to the Greek Islands is limited to 12!

Guests can A: provide the staff with a list of ingredients to be bought (crew will take care of buying) B: buy the necessary ingredients themselves C: have the staff take care of everything, prices are 20 euro per day for Economy yachts, 25 euro per day for Standard yachts, 40 euro per day for Luxury yachts and 50 Euro per day for De Luxe yachts, drinks not included)

How to book?
The basic information we need is the required yacht, the number of passengers, the harbours to be entered and additional requests. In close collaboration with us we will then eventually come up with a proposal/program that reflects your wishes. In the case where a selected yacht is not available we will propose a similar yacht. In case the proposed yacht is not displayed on our website we will email detailed specifications and photos.
Together with the final reservation an advance payment of 50% of the total sum is requested. The remainder should be paid at the day of boarding.