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Cabin Charter General Information: 

You may choose one of our guaranteed departure Cabin Charter itineraries. Prices are in and are prepared as full

board accommodation, per person in a double cabin.

If you would like to stay alone in a double cabin, you will need to pay an extra 70% as a single supplement.

General Procedures for Cabin Charters

* Check in and boarding starts from 15:30 on your first day and the first meal is dinner on board. Check out will be

on the last day after breakfast at 10:30 am.

* As the first and the last days are transfer days, these nights will be spent in the marina.

* During the Blue Cruise the engines will mostly be used. However the sails can be opened from time to time

according to the weather conditions and wind direction. The sail on the yacht will be opened at least twice a week.

* The captain may make changes to the cruise program according to the sea and weather conditions. This is for the

safety and security of our guests. Sailing is not permitted by port authorities in case of winds if 6-7 Beaufort or


* Breakfast, lunch and dinner cabin cruise prices included, also tea, coffee and cakes are served every day at 5 pm.

* It is not allowed to bring drinks or alcoholic beverages on board from outside. A large selection of drinks can be

purchased from the bar of the yacht at a reasonable price and bills will be paid at the end of the cruise.

* Children under 12 are not eligible for the cabin charter program.

* Our cruises are carefully planned and every detail thoughtfully considered. We have had the experience of

planning cruises for a number of years. Tours are printed in our brochures and therefore we cannot make changes

to the itinerary according to customer’s special requirements.

* Instructions of the boat will be given to our guests by the embarkation.

* We cannot give any guarantee for twin or triple cabins.

* All cabins have , private wc, shower, portholes and a small gardrobe.

* In all of our boat there is sufficient safety equipment on board including life jackets & lines, dingy boats and a life

raft. These all meet international safety requirements.

* We guarantee an inverter or generator to charge your electrical gadgets in the communal areas. You may have

220V in your cabins too.

* All yachts store basic fishing lines, flippers and snorkels for the use of our guests.

* In Cabin Charter prices, fuel surcharges, harbour fees are included in the price.

Europa Yachting wishes you the best vacation!

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