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Bodrum- Gokova Route One week blue voyage route

Day 1: (startpoint for Gokova Route) Clients are taking into their cabins after 15.30 and giving brief information about the route and the boat. Service starts with the dinner and overnight is in the harbour of Bodrum.

Day2: After breakfast and the brief information it is time to sail to Alakisla bay. You will have an oppurtinity to visit the ruins of Bizantine village. Dinner and overnight is in Çökertme.

Day3: Sailing to Tuzla bay before breakfast, lunch and svimming break at Tuzla bay,dinner and overnight is in English harbour.

Day4: Sailing to Sedir Island after breakfast there you can find an ancient city called Kedrai. Therefore the beach is called Kleopatra’s beach and the sand of this beach is very special. Antonius got the sand brought with the ships from north Africa. This sand can only be found in Tunisia nowadays. Dinner and overnight is in Karacassogut where the village is surrounded by pine trees. A trip to Marmaris can also be arranged which takes 20 minutes to get Marmaris.

Day5: Ballysu bay after breakfast. Dinner and overnight is in Löngöz. The clients might take for a walk through the forest in the night.

Day6: Sailing to Kargyly bay before breakfast. Orak island is after lunch.Dinner and overnight is there.

Day7: Sailing to Pabuç after breakfast. Haremten bay is after lunch and svimming break.After having tea and coffee it is time to sail into the harbour of Bodrum and overnight is in the harbour. End point of the route (last night).

Day8: It is time to leave the boat with nice memories after breakfast latest at 10.30

Note: These tour are Gokova Route informing for yachts you will rent. Price inclusive or non-inclusive and other details it is all about yacht leasing conditions.