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Bodrum – Greek Islands – Bodrum Route  One week blue voyage route

Day 1: Bodrum (Route start point for Greek Islands )
Boarding starts at 3:30 p.m. from Bodrum Harbour Early arriving guests can leave their luggage to Barbaros Yachting Office. On the first day, our boat will be anchored at Bodrum Port for dinner and overnight stay (route starting point)

Day 2: Cos ( Kos )
While you have breakfast, you will be informed about the cruise programme. After the paper work at customs is completed we will cruise to Kos Island. Asclepion , known to be the birth place of Hippocrates, ‘the Father of Medical Sciences’, is located here. Kos is one of the islands with the best night life. Nafklirou, a street full of bars, is always crowded, colourful, and full of life.

Day 3: Nisiros – Tilos
Early in the morning we will set sail to Nisiros. Nikea village located on the side of the crater is constituted with white streets and a mosaic-style square. On the way back after, a short village tour and a lunch break; we will cruise to Tilos Island. For dinner and overnight stay, we will anchor in the port of this small tranquil island.

Day 4: Rhodes (Rhodos)
Cruising to Rhodes early in the morning. Rhodes is the largest of the Dodecanese Islands.
The island is a very popular holiday place as it has one of the best-protected and the largest European Medieval city and has warm weather 300 days of a year. After dinner, our guests are highly recommended to enjoy a Rhodes night out.

Day 5: Simi ( Symi )
We will set sail for Simi Island early in the morning and arrive at the Monastry of Panormitis located in the southern part of Simi. It is possible to visit the Monastery and the Museum on this well-protected and peaceful bay. After having a swimming break on the eastern shores of the island, we will anchor at the port early in the evening. You can see the shore-side with its neo-classical houses and the peripheral districts.

Day 6: Datça – Knidos (Cnidus)
We will get into Turkish waters from Datca. You can enjoy a short-walk on the shore while your captain deals with the customs procedures. We will sail to Cnidus after lunch. Cnidus was a developed city in science, art and architecture. The island also homes the largest sun clock of its time which was erected by Eudoksos. Knidos was the home for Aphrodite’s monument and at those times the city was famous for brothels and became popular for sailors and Arabic tradesmen.

Day 7: Poyraz – Bodrum
We will anchoring in Karada Poyraz Bay and have the last swimming break in these beautiful blue waters. We will be sailing to Bodrum Port for dinner and overnight stay. End point of the route (last night).

Day 8: Bodrum Harbour
We will leave the boat by 10:30 after breakfast.

Note: These tour are Greek Islands Route  informing for yachts you will rent. Price inclusive or non-inclusive and other details it is all about yacht leasing conditions.